Wax Museum, Fisherman’s Wharf

Looks like it’s time for another wax museum post. ‘Tis been a while and even though this particular destination is not a Tussauds, I’ve heard many things (some good, some bad) about the SF Wax Museum and decided to check it out.

I was really hoping that the museum would focus on San Francisco icons and history — so I could get a 101 of the city and its personalities. But alas, the museum focuses on the rest of the world… and not really anything related to San Francisco.

Not surprisingly, the wax figures here aren’t as lifelike as Tussaud’s wax figures — and some are showing their age. But, the figures are laid out in visually interesting scenes from famous events in history. Some are very tongue in cheek… like putting Rambo and Steve Irwin in the same jungle.

My favourite was a collection of famous artists… each within their own painting. And, incorporated into each setting are re-painted versions of the famous painting being portrayed (e.g. the Mona Lisa) made to look like the wax models. This creates the illusion that the figures look exactly like the paintings they are supposedly from!

For me the evening was quiet and the museum empty (I was told it was because of Obama’s address), which made for a rather creepy experience. I felt like fainting in the monster’s hall because it was so quiet and I expected someone to try and scare me (like they do in Tussauds). Instead, I kept hearing mice in the ceiling vents, which created its own creepy vibe.

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