A Hodge Podge of Devices

This week’s commute is a short one: from my bed to the coffee machine and then to the kitchen table. Though in reality, I need to work in a coffee shop. One of my multimedia instructors (Hi Ian) once said that if you work from home, it’s best to have an office because if you work at the kitchen table, you’ll end up eating constantly. Or, if you work on the couch or in your bedroom you end up sleeping. It’s true.

I’m not in California. Obviously. I start a new project later in the month.

Once again, I’m spending time doing shit that never gets done. For example, this site… I’m an IXD/usability consultant, which means I consult on things like: incorporating user feedback into your development cycle, gathering user feedback during the development process, how to make your site scalable/responsive for devices, retina display friendly, insert buzzwords here, etc. I should probably eat my own dog food.

However, my own site is like the mechanic’s car… always in pieces and never quite working as it should. So, I spent a couple of days this weekend making it mobile device friendly / feed friendly. It’s not responsive… I had to hack in templates, which is not optimal and a bit like playing whack a mole.

As such, I’d like to get some feedback from people who have devices (comments should now work on phones). I’ve been able to test on multiple Android and IOS tablets and phones but I don’t have access to Windows, Palm or Blackberry devices and I want to make sure things are working as expected.

I’ll buy you a coffee if you take a quick peek (when I’m in whatever place you’re in — or via some digital means) and comment a couple of notes! Limited time offer.

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  1. Not as a company. I believe it’s part of HP now. However, there are people out there still using Palm phones because they are so reliable (one of my readers actually). Does anyone have access to a Windows phone? That’s the one I’m most concerned about.

  2. The feed reader is not showing images for feedly and is showing random images for taptu. Do you have a featured image set per post? I noticed they’re on the website.

    1. Ok. This opened a huge can of worms that I’ve hopefully managed to resolve. It’s good because it fixes a hack that I used to get images to work on the website because my template wasn’t recognizing the “featured image” functionality. That’s now been fixed and I don’t need to use the hack. However, I noticed on both feedly and taptu that the images are only slowly trickling in. So, I’m hoping it will work moving forward — I don’t know how it will work with posts that are already published (because I don’t know how either process their feeds). Thanks so much! Can you use the contact form to send me your Starbucks or other coffee card number (if you have one)?

    1. The problem with online tools like Screenfly is they only test for responsiveness. I’ve set up my site so different templates show per device (non-optimal and very whack-a-mole) — so I need the device header sent with the page request. In other words, when I go to the site on an iPod it shows the iPod template… but if I use the iPod feature of Screenfly it shows the web template.

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