“You’ve arrived at your destination,” the GPS told me. I certainly have!

This week commute is to Euphoria Cafe — a hidden little gem in Calgary that I wasn’t aware of. It’s extremely close to my house, but I’d gotten so used to the cafe-less existence called NW Calgary, that I overlooked this little bohemian shop.

I’m glad I found it because it has the makings of becoming my local haunt: organic, fair trade, interesting patrons, delicious espresso, and a dash of creativity used in their unique drinks: the Hawaiian Islander, Milky Way, the Dublin Fog, and the Hedge Hog. Coffee/tea isn’t the only thing on the menu: there’s also smoothies, paninis, salads and waffles.

The patrons range from granny to techie to bitchy Calgary housewife to construction worker to punk rock superhero. But, the best thing about the cafe: the coffee tastes good.

As I ordered my coffee there was only one question burning in my brain: What’s the difference between a London Fog and a Dublin Fog? A London fog uses Earl Grey tea and vanilla flavouring, whereas a Dublin Fog uses peppermint tea and Irish creme flavouring. It’s very good I’m told.