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The Cows, Sheep, and Cats of Valentia

This post is for Travel Photo Thursday… and is of the animals of Valentia Island.

There are lots and lots of sheep that roam Valentia Island. The ones we encountered were the blackface sheep that are common all over the UK. This particular breed is very hardy and they need to be given all the wind, cold, and rain.

I bring up sheep because they seemed to be the only animal that the pint sized animal whisperer couldn’t attract to her (the cows, cats and dogs all flocked to her). In fact, we spent a fair bit of time on Geokaun Mountain trying to corner a lamb so la Niña could feel how soft it was. Those little beasts are wily! What we really needed was a dog named Stryder to help us herd… or not. I can only imagine how it would go down.

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