The Fairy Houses of Derrynane

The gardens of Derrynane house are vast and beautiful. And, these gardens are surrounded by a rugged, lush, green, mystical forest. It’s easy to see how these woods would attract fairies and the imaginations of both young and old.

As we began our tour, the matron of Derrynane House pulled la Niña aside and told her that there were 21 known fairy abodes in the woods surrounding the house. And, kids who found these houses were often given a fairy gift.

Thus began the fairy house hunt, followed by the magical gifting at said fairy houses. While on the beach we collected shiny and beautiful shells; while at Abbey island we collected colourful flowers; while walking along the road we collected pebbles and other interesting but shiny items. These were then distributed amongst the 21-houses that we could find.

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