The Puppet Whisperer — Michael Meschke & his Marionettes

I stumbled upon Michael Meschke by surprise, wonderfully so, and when I read that Meschke’s work was on display at the Stadsmuseum, it was a very pleasant surprise. Meschke’s puppets are haunting and full of character; I can’t even find the words to accurately describe them or the man behind their personalities.

There’s not much information on the Internet about the man. But there doesn’t need to be… simply explore his work and you’ll learn all you need to know: soulful, intelligent, insightful, gentle, and artistic. He’s a puppet whisperer.

Meschke is much loved in Stockholm… so much so that he was able to build his own popular marionette theatre; and now, seventy of his puppets are on temporary display at the Stadsmuseum until January 2014.

I have to say that out of all the things I discovered in Stockholm, I REALLY enjoyed photographing the Meschke Marionettes.

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