Spruce Meadows Christmas Market (2013)

I’m not going to pull together the 13-posts to Christmas this year… at least not intentionally. Believe it or not, the posts took a lot of time and effort to coordinate between two provinces and we’re already too far into December for me to pull it off.

But, I will note that it was the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market that kicked it off last year and out of all the activities we did, this one and Heritage Park were winners in the eyes of La Niña. So, both are on the schedule for this year.

Once again the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market was a photographic feast. However, in a rather clever moment, I managed to somehow leave parts of my Canon 5D in California (one of which was the battery).

But, in the end, it actually worked out quite well. Instead of pulling out the big guns, I dug through the cabinets, found my older equipment, and did a mix and match of camera bodies with lenses and put together a “new” camera.

I limited myself to a 50mm lens and was left using one focal length. It was a reminder of how easy it is to use a zoom / wide-angle lens combo and how when you are forced to one length, you need to move around and work to find a good set-up. Below are the results; Canon Rebel body, 50mm lens, and a high-speed card (it does make a difference). It’s funny how the Canon Rebel is so small and discreet; I used to consider it a large camera.

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