Watson School

This quiet and unassuming building is located off the Bodega Highway and within quick driving distance of the Town of Bodega… a cute little area jam-packed with surf shops, ice cream and coffee shops, roadside fruit stands, pubs and a country store. This is a place to stop and grab some food during your Sonoma explorations… and the school is a good stopping point for a picnic (there are tables, a portable washroom, and it is pretty quiet).

The school itself appears to not be open and according to their website is in the midst of restoration as the foundation of the school is not safe. This is one of only two dozen one-room schoolhouses left in California, is the only one still sits at its original location (all others have been moved), and is thought to be the longest operating one-room schoolhouse in California (1856-1967).

We didn’t say for very long… long enough to wander around quickly, munch a bit, and use the washroom. We did notice, however, that someone was unhappy with their experiences at the school. At some point (who knows when) someone shot at the side of the building and left bullet holes in one window and the siding.

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  1. A bullet hole in a one room school. I guess American obsession with guns and schools goes back a long ways.

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