Mother Nature Hates this City

I wasn’t in Calgary for this particular storm… much like the flooding. But these events seem to be a common thread in the last couple of years in Calgary: weird summer snow storms, destructive floods, hurricane winds, gustnados, and relentless hail. September is now being referred to as Snowtember.

This snowfall broke all records, there were reports of over 2,000 trees that collapsed onto roads, power was out for large swaths of the city, and some schools were cancelled… including La Niña’s school. For this we were grateful because driving was dangerous, there were obstacles on the roads, some buildings were damaged, and the power was out meaning no heat or electricity… why people went out in these conditions is perplexing.

Less than a week after the snow, it is melting and what’s left behind are tree carcasses, building damage, and crushed plants. We were lucky because we have a 9-year old with enough foresight (without prompting) to go outside periodically and shake all the bushes. Because of her, the lilac, raspberry, and rose bushes are all saved. Enjoy the Dalek.

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  1. Wow! Just like our hurricane Arthur early this summer. Every tree became a sail with a full coat of leaves. It tooks weeks to clean up the branches and leaves.

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