There are a lot of things that suck about doing an air commute every week. But, I have to say that the best part of heading into California for work is leaving behind the -25C weather.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy walking the dogs in the snow and wind, feeling it freeze my face, having to plug my Jeep in to protect the engine block, feeling like a Michelin man with so many layers of clothing, and driving on the equivalent of an ice rink with all kinds of other people who can’t drive under the best of conditions. [sarcasm]

It’s just that I happen to like feeling warm… and Los Angeles is the same temperature as Calgary but without the minus sign.

This is what I left behind…

sm-2015-01-05 09.18.22

sm-2015-01-05 12.29.52 HDR

…and what it looked like when I arrived. I will admit that the heat was actually a bit shocking at first.



I’m working on a project on Hollywood Boulevard. And, I’m more than happy to share the love and feature some of the mad and crazy events happening along the Boulevard. I’ve only been in Hollywood for 24-hours and have already figured out all the back alley routes that take you away from the toutes, tourists, and screaming teens. There’s no need to worry about back alley safety… all the locals take the same routes and because of this the alley’s are really well lit. I think that walking on the Boulevard is actually more dangerous!