Alpacas and Faerie Houses

Another drive with no cars, the occasional RV, tons of farm vehicles, and alpacas…!?

Alpacas are popping up all over the Maritimes because they are adaptable, sweet, easy-going, clean, and low maintenance animals. They can live in the snow and heat and also require less maintenance than a herd of sheep or goats. Also, they look like cute little muppets.

Their wool is also very soft, warm, and strong. It’s a favourite amongst the knitting and weaving craft fanatics of the Maritimes. Alpaca wool is also like liquid gold in the rug and textile producing countries in Europe and Asia.

Plus, in Canada, they provide a tax break! Methinks that one day, I will become an alpaca farmer… on a vineyard. So I too can own cute little muppets and drink wine while I am watching them. This will become an alpaca blog and I’ll write about their daily antics. See… I have dreams too!

Not far from all the alpaca farms are fairy houses. More specifically, the Charles Macdonald Faerie Cottages. Charles Macdonald was an interesting egg… a very divergent man who worked as a carpenter, coffin maker, ship captain, builder, artist, sculptor, traveller, businessman, and all-round interesting man. The cottages come from the 1930s depression-era and were a building project meant to keep his cement factory workers busy while they all waited for “things to pick up.” The buildings are still used as summer cottages for private individuals and are Nova Scotia registered historical sites.

All are steps away from the Bay of Fundy in Huntington but unless you know which backroad, country, dirt, pothole-filled roads to take they are rather difficult to find.

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