Coyote Run

On Saturday’s attempt at a 10K run (do you know how hard it is to run on partially melted snow and mud?) we rounded a corner and ran smack into a large coyote who was meandering down the pathway. It wasn’t surprised at all by our appearance and played a little chase game with Kima who ran after the animal as fast as she could. While she put maximum effort into the chase the coyote merely trotted along as if in a light jog.

Stryder ran ahead long enough for him to make a startling “come near and I’ll kill you” noise before coming back to protect me; he’s not duped by diversion tactics and won’t leave my side if he perceives danger. Kima, however, is easily duped and when she happily trotted back after the chase with a “why are you screaming at me” look on her face she lost all off-leash privileges for the duration of the run.

As we continued down the path the coyote decided to join us; while it forged its way along in front we ran behind at a matched pace. It was a little weird and disconcerting — especially when the animal veered off the path and watched us pass by. If I’d had my camera I would have gotten several up close and personal shots — but I rarely run with my camera (and on the days I do Murphy’s Law states I would never see wildlife).

The photo above is a photo I purchased through my Fotolia account. It closely matches the coyotes we see in the park, though Saturday’s coyote was a bit puffier (fur), was quite large (Stryder size) and was clearly in no distress as it tried to entice the dogs away.

The thing that I can never get over is coyote eyes. It’s one thing to see a photo of a coyote looking stern and serious; however, it’s something completely different to be face to face with a coyote as it checks you out with its clear, clever, yellow-eyed gaze. What really struck me this time around was how different the eyes of a coyote are from those of a domestic dog. The body might be the same and they may have many of the same behaviours, but when you look into those eyes you know they are different animals.

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  1. Cute little guy but don’t trust him. They have to eat something so they come into town to find small pets.

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