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The Rivaa Medway

One of the places where my ancestors settled was in a little town / area called Charleston near Liverpool in Nova Scotia. Next to Charleston is Mill Village where many of my relatives still live.

The way that my family used to give directions or describe the location of something was to use the terms “up rivaa” or “down rivaa”. My dear great-grandmother was particularly notorious for this and would often ask: “Where are you going to / Where’ve you been, up rivaa or down rivaa.”

These directions are irrelevant right now because the “rivaa” (a.k.a. the Medway River), has flooded and taken over the village.

These photos were sent to me by my dad. The photos with the dates (ignore the dates – I don’t think the camera that took them has been configured yet) came from a cousin, Helen. The ones without dates come from my dad. About these he writes: “Here are some pictures I took of the Medway River in April when I was down for Doris’s funeral. It [the flooding] wasn’t too bad then.”

The last photo in this grouping is of my great-grandmother’s house, which is now owned by my cousin Darlene.

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