Port George

Now this is the kind of Nova Scotia beach I am used to – rock beach, wicked winds and brutally cold dampness. When it gets really hot in the valley people will take trips up to Port George to cool off and get a bit of a reprieve. And, for those who like good old fashioned fish and chips, the one road stop restaurant in the area serves them wrapped in newspaper.

Port George is on the Bay of Fundy and is perhaps one of the most extreme oceanscapes in the province. You would be silly to swim here because it is just plain dangerous. On clear days (which are rare) you can see both New Brunswick and Blomidon from the shore – unfortunately today you couldn’t. Also, if you catch seafood or shellfish from the bay, you can’t eat it because it is poisonous.

Our purpose for being at Port George: to cool off and watch the seals bob up and down while they dined on fish.

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