Digby is a cute little town on the south of Nova Scotia. We stopped here for coffee / tea and a snack before continuing on to Annapolis Royal for a little whale watching.

Digby is an active fishing community so the centrepiece of the town is the dock area where you can watch the fishing boats come in and out. Of course seaside activities don’t stop here because there is also a marina for out of town visitors, a shipyard for major ship repairs and also a launch area for whale watching.

It’s history is rich. In 1783 Digby was settled by Loyalists led by Rear Admiral, Sir Robert Digby, Captain of the HMS Atlanta, a 24 gun Brigantine, leading the North American Squadron. Because he was such a great guy, the locals named the town after him. And, believe it or not, the population of Digby is a whopping 2311 people.

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