Congres Mondial Acadien

This year is the Congres Mondial Acadien (CMA) in Nova Scotia – a time when Acadian people from all around the globe unite in a select location in an attempt to find lost relatives from the Acadian Expulsion. This is the third meeting of its kind and both New Brunswick and Louisiana have hosted similar events in 1994 and 1999 respectively.

The year 1755 was a bad one for the Acadian people. In this year the English drove the French out of Nova Scotia during what is now known as the Acadian Expulsion or the Deportation of 1755. Many went to New Brunswick or ended up as far south as Louisiana where they are now known as the Cajun people. Ever since this point in time the Acadians have made an effort to find the sections of their families that they were separated from and subsequently lost. This is why events such as this have been so successful.

So, all through the province you see the Stella Maris (the Acadian Flag) and tributes to the Acadian people. The Acadian blue, white and red colours are everywhere and people have gone so far as to paint their barns and other items these colours. Also, those with an Acadian heritage put a sign in front of their homes with their family name on it in hopes of reuniting with long lost relatives.

Everywhere you look this summer there are tributes and indications of just how ingrained the Acadian culture is in this province. It’s a really big deal and people have traveled from all over the world to be here!

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