One of the perks of being in Nova Scotia during the summer is that you get to spend time on the beach. This is an enjoyable experience as long as there isn’t fog, wind or a hurricane moving its way up the coast. But, from what I’ve heard it has been pretty miserable in Alberta over the past few days – so I’ll take the wind and fog over hail or snow.

Fortunately, we didn’t see fog or wind when we went to the Summerville Beach to have our lunch. In fact, it was a gorgeous August day with plenty of sunshine, heat, and bathers. I think perhaps we were a bit over dressed for the occasion.

But, when you are in Nova Scotia and you want to cool off you go down to the water’s edge and stick your feet into the FREEZING COLD WATER. This is the Atlantic Ocean; the only time it is warm is if you manage to find a pocket of water between two sand bars or you go swimming in September when the Gulf Stream hits the province and it is the warmest time of the year for swimming and scuba diving.

Nonetheless, I had to stick my feet in the ocean just to remember and to see a few sand dollars, crabs and jellyfish. Then I wandered around and looked at those amazing plants that seem to be able to grow in sand. I wished that both dP and Stryder were there with me – because then dP could be away from the cold, get a tan and relax and Stryder could run and sniff to his heart’s content (plus I think it would be funny to see him react to the water as it moved with the waves).