Regina, Saskatchewan

I finally made it to Regina. It was a fly in fly out dealie but I did get to see a bit of town on my drive to the offices of the client I was meeting.

Regina is a really cute place. There are tons of old buildings with character. The streets are elm tree lined and are very peaceful. I could feel the pace slowing down the instant I got off the plane. Evidence of yesterday’s snow storm was there. The roads were sheer ice and the snow was about 7 inches deep. This is good news for the province as they are experiencing a drought (sarc.).

One thing I couldn’t help giggling a bit about was rush hour – rush hour consisted of a few vehicles trying to turn on a busy street. We passed by the legislative buildings and also Wascana Lake, which has been drained. They are doing some serious construction in the lake to make it deeper. That should really improve the view of the city.

Coming back over Calgary I couldn’t believe how large the city has become. For a few moments I actually thought I got onto the wrong plane and was coming in over Toronto. No one checked my ticket when I boarded so it is possible I could have headed east instead of west. The size of the Calgary is overwhelming especially after being in Regina.

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  1. I grew up in Regina. My parents and various Aunts, Uncles, and Grandma are still there. I don’t believe I would ever live there again, but it holds good memories for me when I visit. The biggest issues for me were lack of employment opportunites, mosquitos, and the smell of Wascana Lake in the spring as it thaws (seriously stinky!). They are actually undergoing a whole restructuring of the Lake currently, so hopefully that will solve that problem.

    Well, that is my 2 cents! :o)

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