Oakledge Park, Burlington

We stumbled on this park by accident. And, I’ll say that it’s a rather confusing place.

There are plenty of people exercising, hanging out with their kids, taking photos, and enjoying the sunshine and view. The park is beautiful, windswept, historic, and is one of those places where you could spend an afternoon at a birthday party, picnic, or running around with your kids.

But, there are also people hanging out in shadows watching you as you come and go. While we were there we saw two cars pull up and “exchange” a package. At least twice, police vehicles meandered through the parking lot. And, we probably spent less than 45-minutes in the park!

We didn’t stay very long. It was brutally cold. The bathrooms were buried behind a snowbank and probably closed for the season. The lurking people were worrying.

However, the view of Burlington is nice and the air really fresh.

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