Everyone Loves a Parade!

Controversy. If the mural on Church Street in Burlington has done anything, it has caused controversy. And, people LOVE to be indignant, outraged and talk endlessly about their outrage.

You see, the 2012 mural is what is deemed socially acceptable in today’s political climate. One local sums it up, “The mural is racist, classless, sexist, historically inaccurate, and benefiting and elevating business owners above the working class,” WCAX.

Yep. All these things are true.

And, of course, it elevates business owners… they were the ones who paid for it. It’s advertising… not art. The mural ends with a portrait of each of these businesses… the ad conceptually says: come inside and use our services because we are a part of the community.

If the Burlington part of the mural was taken out, would people be upset with the work? Probably not.

The 2012 mural’s artist (Pierre Hardy) is Québécois… and right smack in the middle is a Québec flag. La Niña saw this long before I did; she’s a good Québécois. So, there’s a piece of her world that she recognized in the mural. That’s likely for the tourists.

Ironically, the artist himself has agreed to change whatever needs to be changed. The style is trompe-l’oeil and his ability to bring 3D life to people is rather remarkable.

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