Today’s journey was out to Beach Meadows Beach — a lovely white sand beach just past Port Medway and Brooklyn on the South Shore. dP wanted to do some beach time before going back to the valley and this was definitely be his chance to get it.

The beach was relatively empty because Nova Scotianers are, for the most part, not beach people and all the touristy types go to Risser’s Beach because it is better advertised. But, the whole south east coast of Nova Scotia is littered with beautiful white sand beaches and this was one of them.

Even a month after I sprained my ankle I still have problems with it; this was most noticeable was when I was walking on the beach. In one sense it was good to force the ankle to move in ways it normally wouldn’t move, but it hurt like hell. The hot sand and the cold water were probably the best hot / cold treatment you could do outside of a physiotherapist’s office!

dP wanted to work on his tan and I was trying not to get a burn (it’s the curse of being so pale). In the end, he ended up looking like a lobster. One theory I have is that you tan / burn more severely in Nova Scotia. From my years of working as a lifeguard I really noticed the difference between NS and Alberta. I never seemed to tan as dark in Alberta or burn as badly. I don’t know why that is, it could be the moisture in the air or even the position of the sun, but dP learned first hand just how brutal that sun could be.