Horseback Riding

We arrived in Nova Scotia at 6am after a sleepless night on the plane. Up until this point my friend Michi had been very secretive about what we were going to do after she picked us up at the airport. She was there waiting for us at 6am, and was as secretive as she had been earlier in the week on the phone.

We were well out of the city and passing Lawrencetown before Michi confessed that she was taking us horseback riding in the country. In her mind there was no better way to get rid of jet lag than to experience some fresh air, sunshine, and big horses.

I must admit it was a welcome surprise and great way to spend the morning and I started out barefoot (I had no riding boots) with the most docile of the horses. However, about a half hour into the ride the “docile” horse decided to do a little detour and take me on an excursion away from the trails and the other riders. After this dP and I switched horses so I wouldn’t have to be on a wily horse during our open field gallop.

The second “keep us on our toes” incident happened when during our gallop Michi’s saddle came undone and she started to slide off the horse sideways. Being a very skilled rider she managed to quickly gain control and stay on the horse at the same time.

After an eventful morning we headed to one of the clam houses for a little “breakfast” and good greasy Nova Scotia seafood. There’s nothing like a little fresh air and morning grease to cure jet lag.

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