The Four Hour Hike

Mari is sick and I’m convinced she has quinine poisoning from her malaria medication. I stopped taking my malaria medication somewhere in India because it was having nasty effects on my stomach.

Because she is sick Andrew and I opted to give her some peace and hike from the Adam and Eve Beach to Coral Beach along the back side of the island. Another islander did this earlier in the week and said it was a quick hour long hike. However, he must have known secret paths because it took us over four hours to complete the labourious climb / walk over rocks through bush and over sand.

That said, the walk was one of the best we’ve done thus far because of the completely deserted and breathtaking beaches we found once we got past the athletic rock climb we encountered just past Turtle Beach. Our favourite had baby powder sand and amazing shells (including conch shells) laying untouched around the beach. This same beach had a giant weeping willow like tree which you could sit under and escape the hot sun. It was unusual to find such a tree and provoked lots of thoughts as we sat under it.

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