Taman Rama-rama

With one visit to Kuala Lumpur’s Taman Rama-rama (Butterfly Park) I’ve discovered some of Malaysia’s amazing butterflies. There are approximately 6,000 butterflies in the park and over 120 unique species. They are every colour of the rainbow, some that are iridescent, and some look like leaves, which is their means of protection from predators. Butterflies apparently have the best vision of any other creature and a mating pair can see each other’s iridescence up to one kilometre away.

In the park is a butterfly mating wall, where you see butterflies piled one on top of another, a puddle for them to bathe in, and tasty hibiscus with honey sprinkled snacks. Some butterflies have really long tongues, which are used to pierce fruit so they can eat the fruit from the inside out.

After the park we went to see Why Dinosaurs are Extinct at the planetarium. I’m not sure why they are extinct because I fell asleep in my big comfy leather reclining chair.

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