The Temple of Hanuman

This morning I got up early and went with Micha and Inga to the Guru Ramesh’s house where Inga and Micha are getting a spiritual cleansing. I am sitting in a place called the Temple of Hanuman. It is a very peaceful and a good place to write. There are pictures of other gurus, Siva and Parvotti all over. It is very homey and I like the way I feel here. Ramesh’s wife, Richa, is cooking in the background and is making comforting noises.

We sat and talked with Ramesh for a while and after our questioning he gave each of us a bead and prayed on it; we are to keep it next to our heart. I felt very good when he put it on. It’s optimal to wear the bead around your neck all the time, but if you prefer to keep it in a safe place in your house, that is ok too. When you don’t want the bead anymore you cast it into a flowing body of water. If there is no water, you are to respectfully bury it in the ground. When you are feeling sick or need spiritual help put the bead in water over night and the next day drink the water.

I find it somewhat dismaying when I sit somewhere and feel peaceful and at ease but then go out into the streets only to be categorized as a tourist and pummelled with the “change money, postcard, you want silk, good hashish, you want rickshaw, Madam?” onslaught. Inga happened upon a great t-shirt a few days ago. It said” “No Rickshaw. No Drugs. No Postcard. No Change Money.”

After Ramesh’s house we went to the post office to buy gifts and stamps for my dad. I sat in the back with the post master and he showed me India stamps and I chose the ones I liked.

It was very casual and afterwards we went back to Ramesh’s house to exchange gifts. We talked about crystals and herbs. He gave us something that was good for our skin. Also he recommended marjoram for our mouth and basil leaves for seducing men (he said in a joyous innocent way). Earlier he gave us some powder for our gums and mouth and a tongue cleaner.

I like Ramesh. We go to his house and sit on his bed with his family and he says, Is there anything you would like to ask me? He is very wise and explained Indian men to us: They are like little children. Do you remember what it was like when you were a child how boys would touch you? The people in the west are more matured than the Indians. It is because you are allowed to talk to the opposite sex. They are not even allowed to kiss before marrying.

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