Indian Girls

Government Museum in Madras, in the shade. There are lots of school kids around and the girls flock to us. They are smiling, winking and laughing. It’s like we can communicate without talking. They are tickled pink when they get our attention. I feel odd. I wonder how different we look to them. I think the people of Tamil Nadu are really friendly. I wonder if all people in India are like this. Everywhere we go we hear “Hello Madam, Hello Madam” and it’s exhausting after a while.

Indian girls are so beautiful both inside and out. They are so serene and calm. They are at peace. They are gentle. They flow and move like water with their saris flowing with them. Westerners have no hope at being as graceful as they are. We must look so stiff and arrogant to them. They’re not all like this, I have seen embittered older women; like they’ve lost hope. These women are probably way stronger than I am because they have to be to survive.

They are so warm. One group of girls came over to us and offered us food. It really moved me, for them to want to share like that. I said no but I wonder if it’s an insult to refuse. They always wink and smile then giggle when I wave and smile back. They are beautiful, all of them.

An older woman just came over and introduced herself, her name is Antonia. She just wanted to say hello, shake my hand and chat. I was charmed. They definitely treat their visitors differently than we would in our country.

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