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The City that Never Sleeps

In the city that never sleeps, and amongst some of the most hardened travellers, there are two tiny words that will create an immediate reaction: bed bugs. If you’re not careful, these sneaky little hitchhikers will follow you home and wreak havoc on your life (and guarantee your place as an outcast).

These days they are running rampant in New York — so much so that there’s been a legislative push to try to control the problem. It’s not just hotels that are effected… but apartments, daycares, clothing stores, office buildings, taxi cabs, and movie theatres.

I certainly have my share of bed bug stories; however, I don’t have any unique tips other then what is already out there.

First steps:

  1. Educate yourself about bedbugs.
  2. Research ahead of time; check the bedbug registry to see where your hotel rates on the complaint scale (keep in mind anyone can post anything).
  3. Inspect your room before you unpack (and know the different lifecycles of a bedbug).

Personally I’m a little obsessed with Ziploc bags, which isn’t always practical for long trips.

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