Surfer’s Point, Ventura

Surfer’s Point is located at Seaside Park in Ventura, California (by the Ventura County Fairgrounds). It also happens to be the location of a managed retreat. When shorelines become ravaged by the ocean, cities usually respond by building a sea wall. In Ventura, the city is looking to the beach to provide natural protection and are pulling back from the shoreline.

“Construction crews are removing a crumbling bike path, ripping out a 120-space parking lot and laying down sand and cobblestones. By pushing the asphalt 65 feet inland, the project is expected to give the wave-ravaged point 50 more years of life.” — L.A. Times

Good thing because Surfer’s Point is a popular destination for surfers. The waves are large and consistent and the day I was there, even though it was cold and miserable, surfers still huddled on their surfboards in the water waiting for the next wave.

The Surfer’s Code and rules of the waves are posed at the entrance to the beach.

Surfer’s Code: Give Respect to Gain Respect

  1. Right of way: furthest inside, closest to peak
  2. Do not: drop in or snake
  3. Paddling Out: paddle wide, caught inside stay in the white water
  4. Remember to communicate: first to feet or on the wave, call communicate (left or right)
  5. Always: surf within your ability (no big waves until ready), take off with commitment (paddle hard)
  6. Danger: do not let go of your board, it’s danger to others

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