Mascal, India

“Mascal: hiked out, canoed across the lake, rappelled off the rock, and canoed/hiked back to the camp. Outcome: a really bad sunburn.” — Me, on Twitter.

Yes… Mascal… you Google it and find nothing other than what other TWers have written. It was an amazing weekend adventure that I’m going to have to break up into chunks. Consider this the beginning of an iterative series of posts…

I believe the mountain in the photo above is Ramanagaram Savandurga. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

P.S. I took 597 photos.

Other posts:

  • Mascal Village, India ~ 22 Jun 2009: To get to the outdoor camp at Mascal, we had to drive by a small village, walk through a small farm, and then a hike in and out of the surrounding forest to get to our final destination.

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