Mascal Village

To get to the outdoor camp at Mascal, we had to drive by a small village, walk through a small farm, and then a hike in and out of the surrounding forest to get to our final destination.

As we passed through the farm, villagers were very curious about this large group of people in jeans who were trekking through their fields, careful to not stay from the path; a few rushed out of their house to watch us pass. Being a foreigner, they were particularly interested as I passed and spoke rapidly in a regional language. I believe I was being told to enjoy a happy path — but can never really be sure. In India there are so many regional languages that it’s hard to keep up (even for locals). English is the language that ties the country together and enables people from different states to talk to one another.

It was relatively early in the morning for our hike. Yet, all the villagers were awake and already working hard when we arrived.

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