Madame Tussauds (New York)

Madame Tussauds in New York is my second visit to a Tussaud Wax museum. The first was in Los Angeles. In terms of order, the New York museum was the second to hit North America in 2000 (the first was Las Vegas). Los Angeles opened in 2009.

I’ve made it a quest to visit each one to see the unique characteristics of the various museums and figures. The Tussauds in New York focuses on politicians, musicians and historic figures. I’ll admit that I have a propensity for historical figures so I can see what they looked like and get a sense of proportions. Lady Di was surprisingly tall and Einstein rather tiny. Ben Franklin had a shockingly bulbous head… and yes, Napoleon was NOT short like the British press depicted him.

One interesting fact I picked up on this visit: the attractions have real hair that needs to be washed regularly.

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