Chantanee, Bellevue (Closed)

Given all the recent posts, you’d think that all we do in Seattle is eat…

This is not the case. With our heavy Quickstart schedule, the only thing we have time to do outside the project war room is eat.

Just beside the Bellevue arch in a rather tucked away area, you’ll find Chantanee — a Thai restaurant. Chantanee is one restaurant we came back to repeatedly, regardless of the smelly gym sock smell and slow (and chaotic) service. The food was fantastic (to say the least) and the collective group favourite was Tom Yum. In the photo below it’s the seafood enhanced version.

Drinks in the restaurant are pretty too. No one was brave enough to try the Penicillin drink. However, the mint julep and martinis were the definitive crowd-pleasers on hockey night.

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