Hendrix Memorial, Renton

Jimi Hendrix, guitar god, member of the Forever 27 Club, part owner of Electric Lady Studios, headliner at Woodstock, and inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has impoverished roots that begin in Seattle, Washington in 1942.

Hendrix’s rise to fame was as legendary as his skill on the guitar. However, in 1970, when he passed away, his father brought his body back to the US from London where Jimi was buried in a humble little grave. Here it stayed for decades until 32-years later, when his family exhumed his body and moved it to a memorial in Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton.

Also buried in the mausoleum are Jimi’s father (James), step-mother (Ayako), grandmother (Nora), and cousin (Gracie). It’s a rather peaceful, well kept, flower filled place.

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