The Dunes of Morro Branco

Once out of the cliffs we made our way around Morro Branco in a dune buggy. This was my first dune buggy experience and the longest excursion of all that I experienced while in Brazil.

We spent a large chunk of the day whipping over the dunes to get to the various different sites: healing springs, youth enhancing waterfalls, sand boarding, horses, donkeys, etc.

If I had any recommendation it would be to wear sun glasses. The buggies kick up a sand and water as they wend their way over the beach and dunes.

At the midpoint we stopped at a lake where you can cool off by swimming, have a drink, eat meat on a stick, or go jet skiing.

I rather enjoyed this part of the excursion: the people were friendly, the water warm, and a break from the sun was most welcome.

The rest of the journey is a blur of sand, water, cliffs, windmills that line the shoreline, women in thongs (seems everyone wears a thong in Brazil), men yahooing with their arms in the air, stories about famous Brazilian soap opera stars, and exploring the fishing boats that line the water.

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