Gas Works Park

Quite possibly one of the best examples of recycling I’ve ever seen, Gas Works Park was built on the site of the Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant in 1975. The plant was originally a coal gasification plant (the last of its kind), where coal was converted into gas and used to light the city before the adoption of natural gas.

Most of the old pipes, containers and buildings from the gasification plant have since been refurbished, re-painted, re-greened, and re-purposed into kids play areas and interesting (if not odd) sculptures.

Worried about industrial contamination? No need. According to Wikipedia: “Soil has been bioremediated with 18” of sewage sludge and sawdust. This process has decontaminated the soil and allowed for the growth of field grass which makes possible constant, hard use with low maintenance.”

The park is also known for it’s protesting, peacekeeping and music loving events. Remember the troll loving hippies / artisans from Fremont? Every year they organize Seattle’s version of the World Naked Bike Ride (non-work safe site).

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