The Anchor Pub

Before it’s days as a popular tourist destination, the Anchor was a haven for musicians. Open mike night often attracted a variety of musical types from a variety of different genres.

Ironically, as I sit in a cafe writing this post, Pink Floyd classics are playing in the background… it’s ironic because the Anchor Pub (above in white) was a favourite haunt of Syd Barret — one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. The lower bar has a mural in his honour.

The views of the punting docks, the river, and Silver Street Bridge are excellent from the top floors. Somehow I lucked out and scored a great window seat. 10-minutes after wandering in and snapping a few photos, the place was packed.

What the pub gains in Pink Floyd history and views, it loses in food. The fish and chips are rather meh. However, the bar staff, recognizing that I was sick upon hearing my scratchy throat, made me a lovely lemon drink that made the rest of the day much easier.

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