New York New York, Vegas

The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, a Coney Island roller coaster, Chrysler Building, memorial to the Fire Fighters of 9-11, and plenty of New York kitch.

This is New York New York, on the south part of the Las Vegas strip. Like most of the Megaresorts, this one arrived on the strip in the 90s. It was designed to look like New York as it was in the 1940s, which explains why you don’t see the twin towers (contrary to the belief that they were removed after 9-11). There is, however, a permanent memorial to 9-11 in front of the Statue of Liberty.

The main attraction of New York New York is a roller coaster that takes you over, around and through the hotel buildings in a gigantic taxicab. The cost per ride is $14.00… and yes, you can get married on the roller coaster.

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