Teatro Zinzanni

I originally wanted to go to Teatro Zinzanni over 6-months ago when they advertised enjoying a meal while contortionist and circus performers danced around you. The show was so popular that tickets went fast and the dinner never came to fruition.

As luck would have it, for this round of travel to Seattle, I managed to get tickets to see a Zinzanni show. It wasn’t entirely a circus performance, but one of the last Bonsoir Liliane shows staring Liliane Montevecchi.

Liliane Montevecchi is often known as the French actress who starred with Elvis in King Creole (1958). However, she’s better known for her elaborate Broadway shows, her Tony-nominated musicals, and for her singing and dancing. Bonsoir Liliane is a journey from Seattle to Moscow by train with Liliane — a kind of flashback to her on-the-road musical days.

The show wasn’t all about Liliane singing and dancing in glamorous costumes — but a good mix of comedy, acrobatics, dance and song with Kevin Kent, Les Petits Frères, Ariana Lallone, Diva and the Dixies, Tobias Larsson, and Vita Radionova. There is a photo in the gallery of me with Diva and the Dixies.

As an aside, you don’t attend a Zinzanni show for the food; the food is absolutely terrible. My meal looked like burnt swamp slop and tasted no better. I was also assured that the food was gluten friendly — but after one bite I immediately felt sick. For most of the meal I simply watched everyone at our table and those around us push their uneaten food around (or drown it in salt).

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