Lake View Cemetery — Seattle’s Pioneer Cemetery

Pioneers where they of Ohio, Illinois, Oregon and Washington – always on the frontier of the west, from the great lakes to the Pacific Ocean.

Lake View Cemetery is Seattle’s pioneer cemetery. Here lay the remains of many of the city’s founding members. Incorporated on October 16, 1872, the cemetery overlooks Lake Union, the Cascades, Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains. If anything, the view makes the journey worth the time.

The Angels here are unique. There’s a cross embedded in a tree, Ada’s piano carved out of a giant stone, an elderly lady talking to a little girl, a gold miner standing with his trusted canine companion — I’m sure all have a story to tell beyond their graveside monument.

The quote above comes from a family monument of Thomas Mercer and his wives Louretta and Nancy Brigham. He’s responsible for the naming of Lake Washington, amongst other things.

Others buried in the cemetery include Princess Angeline, the daughter of Chief Seattle after whom the city is named; Doc Maynard, John W. Nordstrom, and Cordelia Wilson.

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