Bruce and Brandon Lee, Lake View Cemetery

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the graves. I had vague directions and a very large graveyard to filter through. However, my fears were unfounded. I wasn’t the only person looking for the Lee graves and when I arrived there were already people lined up to have their photos taken with the headstones.

Bruce Lee, arguably one of the world most renowned martial artists, was the founder of the Jeet Kune Do Karate and a screen legend. The depth and breadth of his popularity around the world has yet to be matched by another martial artist. He died in July 1973 after an allergic reaction to the drug Equagesic – a pain killer he took for a headache.

His son, Brandon, died during the shooting of The Crow. During one of the final scenes, he was shot in the chest by a squib that hadn’t been neutralized correctly. When he didn’t get up after the director yelled cut everyone knew something was wrong. But by then, it was too late.

Theories are abound about why Brandon and Bruce Lee died. There’s the supposed Curse of the Dragon, which many say claimed their lives. Then there’s the theory that both were killed by the Chinese mafia. And, the ever popular idea that the two were Chinese warlords in a previous life, and their deaths were somehow a balancing out of all the wrongs they did in this former life.

Whatever you choose to believe, one thing is certain: their deaths were both senselessness and untimely.

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