The Stratosphere

I didn’t get any great photos of/from the Stratosphere. The views are fantastic and worth the $10 cab ride from the strip. And if you’re really adventurous, there are a number of thrill seeking activities you can experience from the top of the tower.

Insanity and Skyjump allow you to hang off the side of the tower and either spin, dangle or bungee jump; we saw a few people go up in extreme gear for the Skyjump. The Big Shot and the X-Scream are two of the three highest thrill ride in the world.

For those people less adventurous and/or afraid of heights: the observation deck is pretty generic. You can see all of Las Vegas from the deck and throughout there are movie and Las Vegas trivia tidbits to keep you entertained.

One such tidbit: more than 2000 couples get engaged on the Stratosphere every year.

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