Banff-Windermere Highway

Otherwise known as Highway 93 South or as one of the Kootenay Highways, this little jaunt (100km) starts in Banff National Park, runs through Kootenay National Park, and ends in Radium Hot Springs. It’s a two lane highway that sees a fair bit of crazy traffic.

It’s probably for this reason that the highway has a large RCMP presence. We passed many road stops on our journey and were told later that a bus carrying my co-workers was stopped because “all buses are stopped to be informed of the B.C. drinking laws.”

Regardless, the scenery is breathtaking; little Miss La Niña was the de-facto photographer and did a pretty good job of capturing elements of the journey. Seeing the damage done by last year’s forest fires was eye-opening and strangely captivating. From the destruction left by fire a new set of trees were growing — much like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Along the way there’s plenty of roadside stops where people can take photos and enjoy the beauty.

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