The Pink Door

Along the quaint Post Alley of Seattle’s Pike Place Market awaits a seductive netherworld fronted by a mysterious, milky rose portal better known as The Pink Door. Enter through it, and for ties of reality wash away into a sea of the sublime.

The Pink Door is not easy to find unless you know what you’re looking for. Even after asking for directions, we wandered Post Alley looking for the door that seemed to elude us.

The door is unmarked and looks a bit like it belongs on a pink refrigerator. However, once you open it and pass through the frame, you are greeted by the sweet sounds, smells and essence of a lovely little cabaret.

We arrived on European Jazz night, and for most of the evening it was like we were in France. It was easy to slip away from rainy Seattle and let the accordion music, deep bass, and acoustic guitar work their magic. My dinner companions reminisced about their time in Europe and all the wonderful little restaurants and cafes they discovered while there.

Before we knew it, our amazing food had come and gone — and time had simply slipped away. It was only after we exited through the same pink door, that we realized that we were still in rainy Seattle and hadn’t somehow magically been transported to Europe.

The Pink Door is completely worth a visit. One word of advice: make reservations because the restaurant fills fast.

P.S. The bartender with the flaming drink below is making a Spanish coffee. A real Spanish coffee!

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