He’s Baaaaaaack…

We took down the “keep the cold out” plastic wrap covering the front window and within seconds of doing this Stryder resumed his neighbourhood busy body spying post.

In the past few days both he and Kima have told is us that:

  1. The evil squirrel is back and ready to wage war on mankind. You can tell by the shifty way he runs back and forth from our lawn to Rob the Neighbour’s lawn.
  2. When the neighbour across the street moved out she brought a mysterious liquid in a fridge drawer with her. This was highly suspicious and warranted immediate investigation.
  3. A new person moved in across the street with a Shih Tzu that NEVER wears a leash. This is very upsetting and highly unusual. This dog must be a spy or in league with the squirrel.
  4. The neighbour on the South side uses our walk to get to his apartment. This is boring and deserves a barely audible gruff when it happens.
  5. The cat woman down the street is letting the shifty eyed, garden destroying, dP attacking, rabbit chasing cat roam free. The cat is obviously in cahoots with the squirrel in its bid to take over the world and is doing so in an aggressive manner.
  6. Rob the neighbour does this daily thing where he puts on strange clothing and runs away from his house at high speed. An hour or two later he returns and looks like he has been in battle. This is suspicious and warrants further observation. Perhaps Rob is engaging in battle with the squirrel / Shih Tzu / cat at a remote location

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  1. Interesting!!
    Very attentive ears on both pooches 🙂
    Sounds as though Spring has arrived in the West.
    Enjoy, Raelene :o)

  2. Stryder and my dog Zeus sound like they’d be best buddies–I love your rendition of doggie news. Very entertaining!

  3. Ha! 🙂 Very entertaining post Shar — makes me wonder what our parrot is thinking when looks out the window every day. I suppose I should ask him for a report summary! I’m certain to learn about all kinds of neighborhood doings, conspiracies and such.

  4. [Robbi here — these are my husband’s comments as to what he thinks our parrot Pacha may be thinking, as he gazes out the window, screaming… thought I’d share…]

    I suspect our chicken gets irate because he thinks it is an outrage for anyone other than himself to be allowed to engage in a poo-and-run. I notice that the two little dogs being walked by the elderly neighbors 2 doors down evoke the most violent response — how dare they intrude on his domain with their brainless antics and smug pastel sweaters! Pooing in the most leisurely and cavalier manner on Pacha’s favourite cherry tree, while their owners watch indulgently.

    No doubt he fantasizes daily about stooping on them savagely from a mile up in the sky and tearing them to shreds with his talons on the sidewalk…

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