Butterfield Acres

One goal I have for La Niña’s childhood is to get a membership to something every year; something that will give her a taste of what is available in Calgary and get us out of the house on weekends.

Last year we bought a membership to the zoo. The problem with the zoo is after awhile the drive back and forth became an annoyance. Every trip had to be planned as a day trip and inevitably we always ended up travelling back during rush hour. This year we’ve decided to buy a membership to something a little closer to home: Butterfield Acres.

Butterfield Acres is a farm within the city; a farm that teaches kids how to interact with and respect animals. There are tons of activities people can partake in and one thing I’m looking forward to learning is how to milk a goat.

Over the Easter weekend La Niña and I went to see all the new baby animals. We got some hands-on time with kids, lambs, chicks and ponies. We got some face to face time with peacocks, emus, hissing / shaking turkeys, horses, pigs, rabbits and one big ‘ole donkey. I’ve never seen turkeys up close; are they ever ugly and grouchy!

The lambs were the biggest hit. La Niña let out an “I don’t want to leave the lambs ever” battle cry when we left the lamb pen to go see the piglets and bunnies.

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  1. I heart the bebe chickie. How could you not steal that little thing and sneak it home?

    What is that big scary hairy animal — a llama?

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