Marietta, Georgia — a Little Town with a Big History

Marietta is a little town with a big history. The theme for this round of Georgia journeying seemed to be the American Civil War. Marietta has Civil War history in spades ad the Kennesaw House (pictured above), saw a lot of it.

In ante-bellum days, this hotel was a summer resort for planters attracted by the gay social activities of the town. In 1862, J.J. Andrews and his Federal raiders met here to begin the daring Locomotive Chase. Confederate wounded were fed and treated here after many battle, and civilian refugees from overrun Tennessee and Kentucky stayed here, moving south as Federals drew near. July 3, 1864, Sherman had his headquarters in the hotel, while directing pursuit of the Confederates retiring into Atlanta.

Some key Civil War events that occurred in or dramatically impacted Marietta:

These days the square is full of antique shops, unique restaurants, galleries and coffee shops. People seem to flock to the area to wander around and peruse the Marietta Museum of History, the Gone with the Wind Museum, and many others in the immediate vicinity.

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