Driving on Windermere Lake

We drove the Jeep on a lake… a really big lake in the middle of the mountains.

I’ll admit, I was a little anxious at first. But, we followed the path that other vehicles took and drove out onto Windermere Lake. At some point I turned to La Niña and said, We’re in a Jeep. It’s meant for “off-roading.” She gave me a whatever look, rolled her eyes and said, “This is creepy. We’re driving on water.”

There were many others on the lake. Seems that on the weekends, people flock to the area to watch the pond hockey league. It was -15C and people were out in kilts, hockey gear, and shorts while they barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs on a frozen lake. I have to admit it… I really love Canadians and their crazy antics.

In the middle of the lake people congregated into small visible groups of ATVs and dune buggies (or ice buggies?). It appeared as though there was some sort of race or gathering; I think that they were groups of people ice fishing. We wandered around to see if we could get a better look but got distracted by all the bubbles and cracks in the ice.

At some point a large pickup truck drove past us and we heard the ice creaking and cracking under its weight. It was then that we decided to move onto something different.

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