Tubing, Panorama

Not being skiers, we had to look for other activities to partake in while at Panorama. The most interesting (and fun) was tubing — a relatively new addition to Panorama. This is a peripheral activity that grows in popularity later in the day when people are done skiing but are not ready to retire for the day. Tubing starts at 3pm and continues until 9pm.

There are two things that make tubing fun: the carpet/escalator that takes you to the top of the hill… and the tubing experience itself. The “spin” (video) was the preferred method of getting down the hill.

Logistically, you have the choice of purchasing a 2-hour tubing pass… or an unlimited day pass. Personally, we found 2-hours the right amount of time. At the 2-hour mark we were pretty tired an ready to call it quits.

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