Miku, West Hastings Street

Located close to the waterfront, the first thing you hear when you walk into Miku is a welcoming Irasshaimase! yelled from the staff. The restaurant is noisy, colourful, and buzzing with energy. It definitely has a foodie feel.

At every turn they boast environmental consciousness. The Oceanwise logo is proudly displayed and the restaurant makes its own sparkling water because, “Transporting bottled water from Europe and the Pacific Islands creates a huge negative impact on the environment.”

But, how’s the food?

It’s not you’re typical bento-box-american-ified sushi. Miku boasts a carefully matched combination of Aburi (flame-seared) sushi and sauces. The secret is in the sauce, I am told by the server and each combination is made on the fly. As such, the service isn’t particularly speedy and you need to order ahead for the 5 people+ platters.

As a note, even though the restaurant is pitched as health conscious, Miku is neither gluten nor wheat free and the staff can’t guarantee that the sauces don’t contain corn or dairy. Even their buckwheat noodles contain wheat.

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