Tandoori Raj, Holborn (Closed)

We were starving. We’d been in London less than 8-hours and had spent a lot of that time on the Tube trying to get oriented. By the time we arrived in Holborn, we were getting I’m dying messages from both child and stomachs.

Without internet we couldn’t consult Yelp, Urbanspoon or Google Maps — and were lost. Who knew that internet was such a necessity. 5-years ago we wouldn’t have even looked at our phones to find food or figure out where we were.

Then we saw a sign in the distance that said Indian Cuisine, and headed directly for it.

Gareth told us to eat lots of curries in London, dP said. Let’s start now.

Please please please. Indian food now, groaned dying child.

The restaurant turned out to be a great find. They immediately plied us with papadums and thick bread with curries. Then we ordered a meal large enough to feed an elephant. When it arrived, dying child ate half before coming up to breathe.

This is the best Indian food ever, she said after eating most of the king prawn shatkora. We ordered a second one.

Didn’t we order naan bread? I asked. Yes. Niña just inhaled it. Then I blinked and the butter chicken was gone. Somehow I managed to get a couple of photos in before the food disappeared. It’s all a blur after that.

Some time later we reflected on how happy we were to have found the Tandoori Raj. Then it was time to move on to meet friends.

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